7 Costly Mistakes Made When Purchasing Electronic Health Records and Health IT – And How to Avoid Them:

A Special Report

by Mike Uretz, Executive Director, The EHR Group

Over the years, while conducting consulting engagements and Health IT workshops, I’ve had the opportunity to discuss clients’ concerns, worries, and apprehensions about the selection and purchase of EHR and Health IT Systems. Stories abound about EHR vendors trying to take advantage of customers by misrepresenting and over-promising capabilities and passing off poorly structured and one-sided EHR deals and contracts . . . I have seen it all.

The problem is, more often than not, that purchasers of EHR and Health IT don’t have the expertise needed to successfully select a vendor and negotiate contracts and agreements in order to get the best deal and protect their long-term interests.

In fact, not reviewing and negotiating your EHR or Health IT contract is the worst mistake you could make as you’ll live for years with the “rules of the road” set forth in these documents – “rules” that can cost you thousands of dollars in real money, lost time, and frustration.

You can avoid these problems, but as one provider said to me, “I went to school for years to learn how to heal people. No one taught me how to evaluate technology and negotiate a contract for an IT system.” This is why I wrote this report. Written specifically for medical practices and groups, community hospitals, community health centers and other purchasers of Health IT, this report is for you if you’re:

  • Worried that you’ll be put in the position of signing an EHR or Health IT contract that’s one-sided with little protection or legal recourse for your organization.
  • Not sure how to negotiate the best price from your vendor or if you don’t know if you’re getting the best price.
  • Concerned about receiving poor support from your vendor, or worst yet, winding up with a failed implementation.
  • Tired of spending endless hours searching for the right EHR or Health IT only to be more confused than when you started.

In this report you’ll find seven of the top purchasing mistakes I’ve seen organizations make during my many years as an EHR and Health IT industry consultant. Plus, you’ll find advice on how to select the right vendor, get the best price, negotiate a favorable contract, and ensure that you receive adequate support and a successful implementation once you’ve signed the dotted line.


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