Mike met our every expectation

During a statewide seminar attended by our Vice President of Administration, Michael Uretz made a very provocative presentation as to how to "dot the i's" and "cross the t's" in every EHR contract with which you deal. As we approached the deadline for selecting our electronic health records system … [Read more...]

His contract and price negotiation services were well worth it

Prior to contacting Mike we had completed the process of selecting an EHR vendor. But when we were to the point of signing the contract with the reseller representing our chosen EHR, one of our selection committee members who had known Mike from their previous work together suggested we run their … [Read more...]

Mike’s contract assistance has been invaluable

After Mike and our selection team completed the evaluation process and an EHR vendor was chosen for our 70+ member IPA, Mike was the lead and an essential partner in negotiating very favorable terms for us. Because of his vast experience in this field, he was able to obtain terms for pricing and … [Read more...]

Mike’s IT background helpful on technical contractual issues

We are a 90+ provider multi-specialty group serving Kitsap County and  the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. After careful thought and consideration, our leadership team decided to retain a consultant to assist us with vendor contract negotiations. After personally interviewing a handful of … [Read more...]

We saved a great deal of money and acquired needed protection

We hired Michael Uretz to help our 26 provider cardiology group with price and contract negotiations for an electronic health record system. We had a tight timeframe to work with and Michael made himself available to meet our needs and get the deal done on a timely basis. Michael was easy to work … [Read more...]

Mike swings the contract heavily in our favor

The contract that Mike negotiated has been invaluable.  It is iron clad and has many clauses to give us more power to deal with support and functionality problems if they arise.  The contracts provided by the EHR companies are written to give them leeway. Mike’s addendums swings the contract … [Read more...]

Powerful resource in dealing with software vendors

I have worked with Mike Uretz in several complex medical and dental software cases, and I do not hesitate to recommend his services to any client who has problems with, or needs for, such software. Mike has been extremely helpful in educating me and my clients in understanding what is reasonable … [Read more...]