Your experience and stories make conceptual content very real

I would like to genuinely thank you for your continued participation in our various biomedical and health informatics courses here at the University of Washington. Whether it is in the Informatics PhD program or the Master of Health Administration program, your presentations and discussions with … [Read more...]

Your presentations have clearly assisted our practices and hospitals

Thank you for presenting the Webinars "Negotiating EHR Contracts", "Analyzing Practice Needs", and "Technology Considerations". These three webinars reached many across the states of Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, and Wyoming including physicians,  administrators, and hospital representatives. Many of … [Read more...]

Mike’s expert advice resonates with our participants

Mike Uretz has been a regular contributor to our federally funded program offering assistance for California physician practices to help select, implement, and fully utilize EHRs for improved outcomes. Mike has facilitated various teleconference and in-person sessions for our participants, primarily … [Read more...]

One of the most well received sessions for the overall program

This is in support of the workshops and seminars conducted by Mike Uretz on electronic health record (EHR) system selection and contract negotiations. Mike has substantial knowledge and experience in these areas, as evidenced by the fact that he is asked to speak at numerous seminars and conferences … [Read more...]

One of the best educational sessions of the conference

On behalf of the Colorado MGMA I would like to thank you for your wonderful presentation and workshop on Electronic Health Records Vendor Selection and Contract Negotiation. Not only was it extremely Informative and showed a deep understanding and experience of the subject, but also it was … [Read more...]

We felt as if we truly had an insider’s view

Thank You for taking the time to visit HealthInsight and conduct an interactive seminar on EHR Contracts and Vendor issue management. As a Regional Extension Center our ambulatory and hospital consultants are consistently running into questions from clients about these topics and it can be very … [Read more...]

Your presentation alleviated fears associated with EHRs

On behalf of the Florida Academy of Family Physicians, Inc. and the Florida Academy of Family Physicians Foundation, I want to convey our sincere appreciation for your superb presentation at our Annual EHR Workshop. As you know, our 4,000 members have being very receptive to our efforts to offer EHR … [Read more...]

We received positive presentation evaluations

Your "EHR Contract and Price Negotiation" presentation provided valuable information to assist physicians toward their goal of EHR implementation. We received positive presentation evaluations from the various participants. High scores were received on the ability to identify important aspects of … [Read more...]

Demonstrated thorough knowledge of EHRs

Mike's presentation exemplified a thorough knowledge of EHR’s and contract negotiations. He clearly has a wide range of experience in EHR contract negotiations. Several of our Colorado practices found his presentation extremely helpful. We especially appreciated his commitment to quality … [Read more...]