Contract Negotiations

A vendor once commented that, in most cases, once an organization made the decision to purchase, very rarely did they aggressively question or negotiate the contracts and agreements involved. The contracts and agreements you sign now will follow you and your vendor into the future and define your rights should things not go as planned.

EHR contracts are a specialized area and it takes years of experience to understand how these should be structured. We put those years of experience into protecting our clients now and into the future.

  • Assure your short and long term interests are protected
  • Hold vendor accountable for all representations
  • Secure maximum flexibility
  • Reduce dependency on vendor
  • Get Meaningful Use gurantees with “teeth”
  • Give protection form vendor insolvency
  • Control your data and intellectual property
  • Secure appropriate warranties
  • Reduce and minimize future costs
  • Obtain favorable payment terms
  • Guarantee appropriate and timely support is given