How to Negotiate Your EHR Contract

Are you struggling with how to take charge and negotiate with your Electronic Health Record Vendor? How do you get the best price? How do you protect yourself, and your considerable financial investment when dealing with vendors, especially in evaluating and negotiating their contracts? How do you make sure that you receive adequate support after your implementation? How do you avoid making very expensive mistakes?

Learn How To:

  • Take an “apples to apples” approach to vendor price comparison
  • Negotiate the best price using win-win strategy
  • Avoid hidden or unnecessary costs and charges
  • Make sure you get a Meaningful Use warranty with ”teeth”
  • Assure solid support now and in the future
  • Protect yourself from vendor insolvency
  • Keep control of your data
  • Control future costs
  • Get favorable payment terms
  • Get adequate warrantees
  • Hold your vendor accountable for promises made